Saturday, 15 February 2014

LFW'14: products to achieve the John Rocha look

So as everyone knows, we're currently in the middle of London Fashion Week!
I am very jealous of all the lucky bloggers that are there at the moment but am constantly keeping up with what's going on, the John Rocha show on today inspired me to do a post as I absolutely loved the make up look and it's so easy to achieve.
The simple use of silver shadow in the inner corners of the eye looked great with his collection, very subtle but effective, and perfect when it comes to this icy cold weather we have at the moment!

Here I picked out a few products on the market (all extremely cheap under £6!) that could be used to achieve this ice queen inspired look. You don't have to go quite as extreme as to wear the shadow and nothing else on the eye, but blended into the corners along with a bit of mascara will brighten up your eyes on a gloomy day!

What do you think of this look!?


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  1. Just came across your lovely blog and it's fab! Love this post too, such a stunning make up look x

    Lauren // What Lauren Says


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