Sunday, 2 March 2014

BEDHEAD: foxy curls hi-def curl spray

I brought this curling spray a week or so and thought I would do a review for everyone. Having naturally wavy/curly hair I have tried out a lot of curl enhancing products, from mousses to sprays to creams. 
I was fed up with the mousse I was using at the time so went out on the hunt for a new product, I was at the wholesalers and found this BedHead Foxy Curls Hi-Def Curl Spray, I love love love bedhead products, they always smell gorgeous and make my hair feel lovely, so I wanted to try this out. 

I use this spray on wet hair after I have applied leave-in conditioner, I then use a diffuser on the end of my hair dryer - I would recommend using a diffuser to anyone with naturally wavy or curly hair, it makes such a difference! If I don't use mine when drying my hair I end up with a frizzy mess! It is used to slowly dry and scrunch the waves, making them much more defined and less frizzy. 
The spray smells like a mixture between pic'n'mix sweets and a sort of lemon medicine, which I can't work out if I like or not! At first it's nice but it is very strong smelling while my hair is still wet. I tend to leave it to soak into my hair wet while I'm doing my make-up, it alway's seems to work better than when it's dried straight away! 
I am pleased with the results overall, it makes my hair feel a teeny bit sticky but I really like the way it defines the curls and waves, I have quite fine hair so it also gives it a lot of volume. 

I would recommend this product to anyone with fine curly/wavy hair looking to give their hair a bit of a boost!
You can buy this product here



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  2. oh your hair looks perfect!

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  3. Oh wow love the look of this your hair looks gorgeous! I have naturally sometimes curly sometimes wavy hair so this sounds perfect for me

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