Thursday, 3 April 2014

COMPANY BLOG AWARDS: best fashion blog (newcomer)

Just a quick post today, I'm sure you've all seen that today voting has started for the Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards 2014. I know there is a large amount of great established bloggers applying so it's a long shot for me but I thought I would enter anyway!
If your a reader of my blog or enjoy looking at my posts, then it would mean so much if you could take a few minutes to nominate me here for 'Best Fashion Blog (Newcomer)'.
I think it's great that Company have awards that go out to people that have been blogging under a year, so it gives everyone a chance!

Good luck to everyone entering and would be amazing if you gave me a nomination!



  1. Just nominated you mrs :) I would love if you could vote for as 'Best Fashion Blog':


  2. You're very cute!

    Andera |

  3. Heya, I've tagged you in my Leibster Award post
    love your outfit posts!

    abi |

  4. good luck! lovely blog x


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