Friday, 9 May 2014

SHORTLISTED for the company style blogger awards!

It's safe to say this is a very exciting post to write! I'm sure everyone has seen that the Company Style Blogger Awards shortlist came out last night, and to my absolute shock... I have been shortlisted under Best Fashion Blog (Newcomer)!!
Completely and utterly stunned as I never dreamed of making the shortlist as I know there was so many people going for it this year and there was very tough competition, and considering I have only been blogging 5 month's I am so happy to of achieved this, so thank you so so much to anyone that nominated me! 

I know we have all already seen these post's and as much as I don't want to be annoying about asking for votes, I just wanted to write a little something to say that if you like, follow or just enjoy reading any of my posts then it would mean the absolute world if you voted for me for Best Fashion Blog (Newcomer). Just click here, click through the various categories (and vote for some of the amazing bloggers in the other categories!) and I'm at the last one, just select my blog name and click next - then enter your email and submit! It really is that easy, and one minute of your time would mean so much to me!
Thankyou again to anyone that nominated - I am currently on cloud nine! 
Well done to all the other shortlisted bloggers! 

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  1. i found you on the shortlist this morning and you got my vote - lovely blog! good luck :)

    robyn x

  2. Congrats for the short list !

  3. Congrats on being shortlisted! good luck! :D


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