Sunday, 8 June 2014

HAUL: primark, topshop + miss selfridge

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So I went on a little big shopping trip this week! As you saw in my haul I was desperate to do some shopping for my holiday as well as get a few other bits so after pay day I was itching for a shopping trip. I don't live too near a Primark unfortunately (if I did I think I would be there all the time), it's around a 30 minute drive away so I get very excited when I do go there!
As you can see the majority of this haul is from Primark - every one loves a bargain and I picked up quite a few!...
1) I loved this powder blue shirt, I decided I needed more plain coloured shirts as I always tend to go for patterns and find it's all I have in my wardrobe! They did this shirt is quite a few different colours - mint green, baby pink etc.. But I thought this shade of blue was lovely and the fit is perfect!
2) I am a huge fan of this mesh style jumper, I am so into the 'see-through' jumper/t-shirt look and this one is perfect for Spring as it's lightweight.
3.) Another maxi dress to add to my summer wardrobe, but I fell in love with this one and thought it would be perfect for my holiday or a hot day in England. The pattern on here looks like it graduates from green to blue but that was actually just the lighting it is green all the way through. It's a really flattering shape and fit and so comfortable.
4.) I picked up these cute little shorts for my holiday to just throw over a bikini in the day time, such a bargain for £4!
5.) This t-shirt definitely has to be on of my favourite purchases! Like I said before I love the see-through look at the moment and this is such a lovely top. It came in white, pink and blue and I'm now wishing I had got it in all the other colours as well!
6.) Now I am not usually a girly dresser or one to go for a very feminine skirt but I just fell in love with this after trying it on, I definitely felt like an extra from Grease! It falls so nicely when it's on and I cannot wait to wear this.
7.) I have been waiting for these sunglasses for SO long. I have seen so many bloggers with them and have been desperate for a pair so was far too excited when I found them! I am loving the circular sunnies at the moment.
8.) I found these sandals at the last minute and am so glad I did. I really needed a pair of tan sandals for summer and these are so comfortable, I also love the white cleated bottoms.
9.) There was so many lovely patterned socks in Miss Selfridge so I couldn't resist picking up a few, I love the black and white checked pair and then went for a few pastels colours for spring.
10.) I desperately needed a new pair of jeans for work as the Leigh's I had before have ripped down the side and there was no saving them! I love these ripped leigh jeans and think they're a staple in any girl's wardrobe!

What do you think of all my purchases?

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  1. Love the sunglasses and midi skirt! I really need to get my hands on a midi skirt x

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Omg you got some amazing things from Primark! Definitely a good old trip there in the next couple of weeks!

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

  3. I love that skirt! I have never seen that in Primark, it's gorgeous! Also adore little frilly socks :)

    Étáin xxx

    Étáin’s Little World

  4. I love this haul x My favourite is the sheer striped pink top. Still waiting for a Primark in Australia haha

  5. Love your style! I wish we had Primark in Aus! It looks so fun!x
    Kelsey x

  6. I have such an obsession with frilly socks! I live in them. I love the black and white ones too! x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

  7. Love the ripped jeans, currently on the hunt for some!

  8. I love what you've bought, especially your pink top and white midi skirt! I love how you edit your photos it's so creative!

    Love Emma xx

  9. Love the sunglasses and sandals, this has made me excited to go hols shopping haha!


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