Thursday, 26 March 2015



Now I'm pretty sure if your reading this and your a blogger, then you've seen this pair of shoes recently, bloggers seem to of gone crazy for them and I've seen them more than a few times on my Instagram feed. This pair of lace up flats are definitely not my usual style - I'm more of a trainer girl than a pointed flats one, but after seeing these on social media and browsing in New Look I came across them and thought I would try them on. I don't have many pairs of black shoes or flats for spring so was interested to try these! I really wasn't sure to start with as I thought they weren't my sort of thing, but recently I've been wanting to branch out more with my personal style and become a bit more girly. Plus I think I've learnt it's good to change up your style every now and again otherwise you get stuck buying the same things! Anyway cut a long story short I am now a little bit in love with these flats.. they're really comfy and go with everything - can see myself getting so much wear out of them!

Will definitely start becoming a bit braver and stepping out of what I'm comfortable in from now on...

What do you think of these shoes?



  1. These are so gorgeous, but I know what you mean - they're everywhere! They are lovely though, I'm debating a purchase, but with my feet being so wide I'm not sure how they'll sit! x

    ellie etc | a fashion & lifestyle blog

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  3. those are so beautiful, i want them as well.

  4. They look great and there are so many ways you can style them!


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