Tuesday, 23 February 2016

LFW A/W16: my favourite collections

With London Fashion Week now coming to a close, I have put together my favourite collections after keeping up with all the shows that have gone on over the weekend. As usual being a tad jealous of everyone that's been at LFW, I will get to go one day!...

Topshop Unique
Of course Topshop Unique had to be up there with my favourites, I always love looking at the collection they bring out every season. Vogue said they saw two different girls on the runway at this show, "the 'proper' girl, versus her naughtier, late-night alter-ego". I loved the colour palette here with the khaki's and mustard yellows, my favourite has to be the end right with those amazing flares and the ultimate leather jacket! 

David Koma
I've not actually seen a lot of David Koma before, but it caught my eye after seeing it posted on Instagram. It was very much a monochrome palette with hints of the bright royal blue, I love the second outfit here with the high polo neck. I also really love the simple embellishments on these outfits.

Mary Katranzou
Mary Katranzou has been one of my favourite designers for years and she has popped up constantly when I have done these posts in the past. I am always so drawn to interesting prints and patterns which is what her pieces are most known for, and yet again, this collection lived up to expectations. There was some really gorgeous prints on all sorts of silhouettes, I especially love the 2 dresses on the right, as well as the beautiful make up that accompanied these with a minimal eye and a dark bold lip - perfect for autumn/winter!

I really loved the layering in the Mulberry collection, there was so many different autumnal colours with little hints of the bright yellows and blues. There was so much to look at in this collection with the various textures, soft leathers and draping fabrics. I especially love the layering of the outfit on the far left, I need that jacket in my life!

I actually added this collection at the end after finishing my post, I found myself stumbling across the Burberry show on the Vogue site and as it's not a show that I would necessarily jump at the chance to look at, I was surprised when I found I absolutely loved this collection. Again, you can tell that I tend to love any sort of print on print, it had so many different colours, prints and silhouettes within it but they all connected in some way. The snakeskin print was a definite favourite and I am in love with that insane shearling coat! The boots are also amazing, carrying on the black fringing and snakeskin prints throughout.

Well, that concludes my favourite collections this season, maybe one day I'll be watching them live in action, but until then the internet is my trusty source!

What were your favourite collections at LFW?


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