Thursday, 17 March 2016

Shopping Haul: My Latest Purchases

There is nothing better than a bit of retail therapy to cheer a girl up. Last week I had quite a stressful week with various uni deadlines so decided that spending some money and treating myself was the answer! I thought I would share my purchases with you... 

I don't think anyone will be surprised by that fact I bought a bomber jacket... it had been number one on my shopping list for a while now so when I was in New Look and this was hanging on the last chance to buy rail in my size... I couldn't really say no! If that's not a sign then what is!?
I originally wanted a darker colour but I decided to go for this as I fancied something lighter for spring/summer - this colour is so versatile and considering I've worn it most days since I bought it, I have a feeling I'm definitely going to get my moneys worth.

Fluffy Maroon Cardigan - H&M *SALE*
This cardigan was in the sale at a complete bargain of £7! I couldn't resist it's fluffiest with the deep maroon shade. I can't wait to wear this as more of a jacket when it starts getting warmer. Unfortunately I couldn't find this online but they had loads in the store so it's most likely they're still in the in store sales!
Knitted Midi Stripe Dress - H&M *SALE*
Possibly THE hardest dress to photograph... I know, I know that obviously this is one of those that looks far better on the body than off it. But as I wanted to do a haul post I couldn't not include it. I'll definitely be doing an outfit post with this. It is out of my normal comfort zone, I haven't ever had a knitted dress so I liked how this could be worn in the transition of winter to spring. I also loved the striped detailing, I was undecided over whether to buy it but I decided to be brave and again, was in the sale for only £15.

Again, another hard item to photograph but I tried my best! I've always absolutely love culottes on other people but I have never been brave enough to wear them myself...but I decided to try this on to see after falling in love with the stripes. I really loved this one I had it on and after a lot of convincing from Ella... I was persuaded! You can see what it looks like on here on instagram. I am so excited to wear this as I think it'll be great for a casual day outfit as well as an evening night out, either way I am now fully on the culottes bandwagon.
 Black Maxi Cardigan - Charity Shop
If you saw my last post then you will of seen the maxi black cardigan I stole off my friend and photographer Ella, after wearing it I was so set on getting my own! The first shop we went into was of course a charity shop, I am a sucker for a bargain, and I spotted this gem. Again, fate or what!?
It's much thinner than Ella's Primark one but will be perfect for summer. I am so pleased with this as it's such a lovely shape on the body, and at the price of £5 you can't go wrong!
 Stripe T-Shirt - Charity Shop
First off, I apologise for how creased this top is - when you live in university halls, ironing goes out the window! Either way another absolute bargain at £2.50, this t-shirt had to be bought! I am just obsessed with stripes especially with the navy, light blue and red - this one definitely has that 90's vibe.

Trainers, Belt and Sunglasses - Primark
The last bits I purchased were a few essentials from Primark. Well, I know trainers aren't exactly essentials but these ones were on sale for £5 so I couldn't resist! I loved these nude sunglasses as well I thought they'd be perfect now the sun has started shining.

All in all, I spent a little bit more than I probably should of, but I'm sure you'll agree I got so many great bargains on this shopping trip! So it doesn't feel quite so bad. Retail therapy really is the best medicine!

What's your favourite item?


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  1. I have just bought a bomber jacket too, loving the hype with them at the moment! California Diamond


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