Friday, 11 March 2016

The Nude Trainers Wishlist

I'm sure I'm not the only one thats noticed what a huge trend the colour Nude has been over the last year. Whether it's been clothes, accessories or in this case, footwear - it has been definitely become hugely popular in fashion. For someone who originally went more towards colour and pattern, I am loving the all nude and monochrome looks more and more recently, and am desperate to add a few more additions to my wardrobe! I'm going to put up a few more wishlists within the next few weeks for this...

But of course, me being me, my first go to item was a pair of trainers. I think it's clear from my outfit posts that trainers are pretty much always my footwear of choice! I am after a new pair and am so in love with the lighter shades in time for summer - especially the nude, grey and camel shades that have come up recently. So here I have made a little wishlist of the nude trainers I have seen recently and am loving. My favourite has to be the pair of New Balance, they are just the perfect shade in my opinion - they are on the pricier side of New Balance but I am so so tempted to treat myself.
Although they are on the pinker side, as you can see all the colours do tend to vary, I also love the River Island plimsoles - a great cheaper option!

What do you think of the nude trainer?


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  1. After seeing the Puma X Rihanna trainers we've been obsessed with nude shoes! Love those and the New Balance
    Feel free to check out our latest post x


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