Saturday, 28 May 2016

Bedroom Details: Customising On A Budget

I have recently become obsessed with interior shopping... I cannot stop browsing Pinterest and day dreaming about how my home will look when I'm older. For now though it is simply customising bits and pieces where I can. I have recently moved down south for the summer renting a room back in my old home town, having just finished a year at uni I am pretty strapped for cash but I wanted to make this room feel as homely and as 'me' as possible while I am living here for the next 4 months or so. I thought I would put together a post on the little details I have added to make this room my own...
Notice Boards
This was actually a present that I made for my boyfriend a year or so again for his travelling trip, but we decided to put it in here so we can get planning on all the places we would like to go once I have graduated... although that is a long time away I am so excited for when I can put all the pins up of the countries we visit! I actually purchased this old fashioned map from Paperchase and made all the little labels along the side - something very cheap and easy to put together!

 Jewellery Wall
This was an idea that spontaneously came to me yesterday... as this room has very high ceilings there is a lot of wall space that could do with being filled. I have quite a large necklace collection so I had the idea to display these on the wall as a piece of wall art as well as an easy way to see which necklaces I have because they are usually tangled up in a pile! I really loved how this turned out. 
 Ornaments, Shelves and Candles
A few of the obvious bits and bobs you use to customise your room but things that I love to look at. We purchased a cheap shelf from B&Q that is actually up over the bed, a mattress on the floor is the current bed situation but to be honest buying a bed frame is not something I have the bank balance for - I have decided it adds to my 'hippy/bohemian' vibe! There are a few bits I already had in my room at uni, all things that were either gifts or pretty cheap to buy. I think fairy lights are a must in any bedroom and I love these Moroccan lantern style fairy lights from Wilkinsons.  
 Fake Flowers
Fake flowers are always part of a bloggers photographic props, but they can also look great in your room as well. I popped these in a jam jar glass with some little fairy lights, so they look nice in the evenings as well. I would definitely like to buy some more flowers to brighten up the room! 
I 100% have a total obsession with buying postcards at the moment. Pretty much all of these were from Paperchase, they're something I just love collecting and after finding this Heart Garland with pegs attached at The Range, I thought it would be perfect for hanging these on. This is hung over the side of my bed which again is just a great way of filling the wall space. 
Of course a selection of colourful cushions can brighten up any room. These were actually cushion covers I had already so I just bought some cheap £1 cushions from Wilkinson's to fill these. This was an old sofa that was already here which is an off beige colour and not something that I really wanted on show - so I decided to cover it with a few throws and a load of cushions and it's definitely seems a good temporary fix! 
Life is Lovely Wall Hanging - £1.50
I found these 2 a few days ago from Primark and they were such cheap ways to customise a wall! They had SO many amazing wall hangings that I could of so easily of bought more but I was desperately trying to be good and not spend money, although at £1.50 each I am regretting that slightly. I paired these next to my travelling board which I thought tied in nicely. 

All in all I have managed to make my temporary room cosy and homely, as well as adding a little bit of character with all my various bits and pieces. It's definitely made me love working on interiors more and I can't wait for the day I have a whole house to decorate myself!



  1. These are great and simple ideas to spice up a room- love this post and we need to get our hands on a notice board asap :D
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

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